Where is the oldest pistachio tree?

Where is the oldest pistachio tree?

12 May 2021
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In fact, the oldest pistachio tree in Iran and the world is located in the city of Rafsanjan and in the beautiful and historical village of Oudraj, which has a wonderful climate. In fact, this pistachio tree has been able to adapt to different climates and The title of the oldest pistachio tree is actually a type of pistachio called pistachio (mountain pistachio).

The old Oderj tree is one of the oldest trees in the country and is about 1500 years old or more. The height of this tree is 15 meters and it has a diameter of about 4 meters and this isamazing in its kind.

What is coriander? And where are you going?
As mentioned, the oldest pistachio tree is pistachio. What is coriander now? And where does it grow? Coriander or mountain pistachio is a type of pistachio tree from which the pistachio is obtained is spherical in shape and has a diameter of about 5 mm. The tree usually grows on the slopes of mountains and its height is from 6 to 11 meters. Coriander is used to create a variety of local dishes, to create flavor in animal yogurts as well as to create pickles

Types of coriander trees
Coriander tree grows in Iran but also in other countries and has different types.

Deduction (cable):

This species of coriander grows in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and including Iran.

Kurdistan pistachio (Saqez or Kalkhanak):

It is another species of coriander tree that is found in Syria, Armenia, Anatolia and Iran.


This type of pistachio is found in Iran, the Caucasus Mountains, Turkey and Anatolia.